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The law establishing the water and wastewater companies


Date of Approval: 10/11/1369


Note 1 - In case the discretion of the Ministry of Energy in the cities of the province's water and wastewater can be necessary to establish independent company under the provisions of the law held a variety of water and wastewater companies.

Note 2 - Water and Wastewater Company of every province according to need and with the approval of the General Assembly could be established in other cities of the province in relation to the company and all or part of his authority the company delegate.

Note 3 - supply and water transfer projects on the case and the ability to ask for water and wastewater companies and the Ministry of Energy to these companies is vested.

Note 4 - operation of all facilities, including drinking water treatment plants, transmission lines, control systems and other sources of water and sanitation is the responsibility of the companies.


Article 2 - banks, municipalities, public institutions and the private sector with the approval of the Ministry of Energy natural and legal persons can participate in the investment firm.


Article 3 - companies subject to this law, a legal entity and financial independence, and for business, will be managed in accordance with the provisions of this law and commercial law.

Note - If the discretion of the Ministry of Energy in the establishment and administration of companies and non-governmental certain areas as may be approved by the Council of Ministers for the government and administration of.


buildings and every type of property and ownership rights are in compliance with the relevant provisions.

Note 1 - the formation of water and wastewater companies of water and sewage customers from companies and agencies of the US Department of Energy earlier or municipalities (without having private shareholders) transferred to new companies and those parts of the plant, buildings and facility establishment of water and Cities that receive sewage from the collection of subscribers has been created Khvdyaryhay any subscription charges and other assets to the company and the evaluation referred to in Article 6 of this law will not be considered.

Note 2 - The Ministry of Energy may be necessary to amend the articles of association of water and wastewater companies and supervision over the implementation of the law of its action.

Note 3 - in the mutually agreed transfer of plant, machinery, buildings, rights and property belonging to the private sector and assessed the fair price after deduction of accrued liabilities and subscription charges and the deduction of paragraphs (a) and (b) Article 5 is done .

Note 4 - If any of the facilities and land and property, machinery and buildings and rights to drinking water distribution and wastewater facility is dedicated to the cities will act in accordance with the relevant provisions of the endowment.

Note 5 - all plant, machinery, land, buildings, property rights and any kind of municipalities and the Ministry of Energy (Regional Water companies and the Khuzestan Water and Electricity) in the urban water distribution and wastewater collection and disposal at the time


Article 5 - the order of:

A - Plant, machinery, buildings, property rights and government (Ministry of Power and the relevant regional water companies and Khuzestan Water and Power Authority on behalf of the government) in this Act referred to all cases in which the following sites , purchase and enhanced:

1 - all investments in the supply and distribution of water and sanitation in the city have already been laid and the cost is concerned.

2 - all other funds for urban water supply and distribution and wastewater facility construction of public funds invested in other titles.

B - The order of plant, machinery, land, buildings, property rights and municipalities in all cases is the law of the state and public aid and loans and revenues refunded or redeemed municipalities to create, purchase and is reached.


Article 6 - plant, machinery, land, buildings, property rights and the Ministry of Energy (regional water companies and Khuzestan Water and Power Authority) and municipalities as set forth in paragraphs a and b of Article 5 after the Justice official experts estimate that as much capital The company as a non-cash capital Regional Water Authority and relevant organizations and Khuzestan Water and Electricity Authority and municipalities in water engineering services company, as the case may be, and the rest will be leased water and wastewater companies. Rent amount, term and conditions of the lease or purchase of any kind will be determined by the Ministry of Energy.


Article 7 - devices that have employees responsible for water distribution and wastewater collection and disposal, and the duties and responsibilities associated with these activities, their organizational position, with the formation of new companies to preserve employment status to the

Note - problems related to recruitment, pension, insurance and so on caused by the transfer or liquidation of water and wastewater systems for employees will be resolved in the framework of the law.


Article 8 - The Ministry of Energy is required due to technical and financial resources available in each province to act in such a way that within one year from the date of notification of this law, the companies are formed.


Article 9 - Costs of share split, the rate of drinking water and urban wastewater collection and disposal costs with regard to operating costs and amortization and after approval by the General Assembly prepared by the Economic Council of the consumers will be collected.


Article 10 - Water and sewerage companies from taxation under this Act and any complications renewal and so on, rights and duties and commercial benefit, the registration fees and stamp duty and legal fees and any exemption that has been responsible for water systems Sewage enjoyed it for 15 years from the date of exempted.


is not allowed to be below the amount of the receivable and the investment costs. The share of investment costs for urban water and wastewater facilities and new settlements and the separation of the cities based on the number of residential or non-residential units, both through the device or the organizations concerned will be paid according to the tariffs approved by the Ministry of Energy.


Article 12 - Exchange required the company based on Department of Energy annually in foreign exchange will be funded.


Article 13 - Transfer and mission staff of ministries and companies and government agencies are permitted to water and wastewater companies.


Article 14 - Water and sewerage companies subject to this law to implement their development projects can bill the purchase and ownership of land and property for public programs, civil and military and other laws regarding the purchase and acquisition of land for the implementation General government approved their use. Reference diagnosis of urgency referred to in Article 9 of the purchase and ownership of land .... Minister of Energy bill will be.


Article 15 - to split water and sanitation essential to one another, and all property owners located within the plan collection and sewage disposal systems and water and wastewater companies are required within a period of warning or declaration of the wastewater treatment your property reference demand branching Delivery and pay the high cost of water and wastewater companies will be allowed to cut off the water as land. Subject to the application of waste water re-installation of split and pay it.


Article 16 - to the formation of companies, cities and collected under this Act, water management and sewage disposal projects and the continuation of projects under way is still the responsibility of the devices are currently responsible for.


Article 17 - to carry out administrative and support, technical, research, and educational supply companies subject to this law, water engineering services company affiliated to the Ministry of Energy for Water and Wastewater Engineering Company renames the existing articles of association as amended by the Council of Ministers These tasks take. CEO's deputy energy minister for water and sanitation.


Article 18 - The executive regulations of this law provided by the Ministry of Energy and approved by the Committee of Ministers.


Article 19 - the date of notification of this law is contrary to all laws, including, Clause 2, Article 21 of the equitable distribution of water is canceled.



The law consists of nineteen articles and eleven notes in open session Tuesday the eleventh of January, one thousand and three hundred and sixty-nine Majlis by the Guardian Council has approved and confirmed on 16.10.1369

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